Build It Like We Own It

Our history is filled with Owner Builder experience. Building for the development side of our business has given us a unique understanding of what makes projects successful from the Owners perspective. We strive to serve all our clients in the same manner–understanding your vision is our mission.

“In my experience Jackson Construction does far more than a typical General Contractor, going the extra mile to ensure that everything required to deliver a project is accounted for. They understand our position as an Owner, and provide added value by managing the entire process.”
John Gonsalves, Construction Manager
Sacramento Catholic Diocese

Build It Before You Break Ground

With an understanding of our client’s needs, the design process, and the realities of construction, we work closely with Architects, Consultants, and key construction trades, to design the what and how at the same time. We are able to visualize your project prior to the start of construction, and use computer modeling to share what we see, resulting in a well-planned project, and smooth sailing during construction.

“During the design phase, Jackson Construction has consistently demonstrated the ability to take limited design information and work collaboratively with the team to develop accurate budgets. Their cost data, constructability reviews and 3D model coordination input minimizes conflicts and errors, ultimately resulting in reduced change orders and more budget certainty.”
Jason Silva, Design Principal
Dreyfuss and Blackford Architects

Make It Happen

Construction is about making things happen, that is what wakes us up early in the morning, with our eyes wide open ready to attack the day. Striving for flawless execution, we know how to build and communicate, ensuring all team members are kept informed with the most effective communication methods. We are focused on safety, quality, design, cost, schedule, and deliver on all accounts, providing the best building experience in the business.

“This time sensitive and fast-paced project created many challenges for both the tenant and construction team.  Through the cooperation of all subcontractors, lab staff, and Jackson Construction’s team, we were able to resolve and work through issues immediately and with a minimal amount of disruption.”
Robert E. E Chason, CEO
UC Davis Medical Center
Post Construction

Good to the Last Drop

Construction projects often take a significant amount of time to complete, which requires prolonged periods of focus and stamina. We deliver from beginning to end, driving hard through the finish line with full force, ensuring there are no loose ends in your new building.

“Jackson Construction’s service at the end of the project was outstanding.  The Punch list was wrapped up quickly and what minimal warranty items we did have were quickly corrected.  I appreciate their commitment to service.  In my view seeing a project through to the end is the hallmark of a great relationship.  I appreciate that Jackson sees jobs through fully, professionally, and to the highest standards.”
Steve Barsanti, Facilities Director,
Christian Brothers High School

Safety Equals Discipline

The Building Experience applies to more than just our clients, it applies to everyone on the team, and you cannot have a good experience if you are injured.

As the jobsite leader we understand safety is also a measure of discipline. When safety is executed well, so follows quality, schedule, and budget. With our disciplined commitment to safety you can trust the rest of your project will be well managed with the same level of focus WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

“The folks at Jackson Construction are well organized and disciplined, which helps us perform as a Subcontractor.  We know what to expect, and that makes the job run smoothly.”
Scott Davis, Project Manager
Ellis Plumbing

Built to Last

Projects involve competing demands of cost, schedule, and quality, but quality is the only thing that everyone can see, and the only thing that lives forever. At Jackson Construction quality is more than just a code written in plans and specs–it’s a way of life–pursued WITHOUT COMPROMISE.

“More than just exceeding our quality expectations, we were pleased with their commitment to keeping our interests at heart. Their team approach made the construction smooth, and most of all, enjoyable.”
John Lepera, Committee Chair
Diving Mercy Parish

Reputation You Can Trust

It’s your building and we provide a service to make it a reality. With that understanding, we aim to satisfy your needs, and our success is a consequence. Knowledge, integrity, trust–that is our reputation.

“Throughout the entire process, Jackson Construction kept us informed of every detail at regularly scheduled meetings, promptly addressed every concern, had a great working relationship with the architects and our parish committees.”
Father Arnold Ortiz, Pastor
St. Joseph Morello